Monday, October 1, 2007

Memories of Wasatch

Just some extra photos Lindsay took that I didn't use in my race report. My knee is still aching 3 weeks later, but I've been dissecting my race and planning how I can do it better next year. Yay pain amnesia! This is one sadistic sport...

Running into Big MountainRounding the corner into Big Mountain at mile 39

Call from Alexander RidgeTelling the crew I might be a little late on Alexander Ridge

Mountain Dell ReservoirMmmm Water... the scenic Mountain Dell reservoir

Excited at LambsJoey can't wait to climb Bear Bottom Pass, I can think of things I'd rather do than run another 47 miles

Joey inspecting the drugsJoey inspects the drugs at Lambs Canyon (don't worry, its just Tums and Advil)

Approaching BrightonCivilization! Me limping into Brighton at mile 75

Leaving BrightonIt's hard to leave the party at Brighton: they have cots in the back

Victory noodlesVictory Noodles!


Furious-T said...

Ryan, this is one very cool blog. I can't believe you're a runner now--and not just a wimpy city runner, but like a real one.

Tristan is always up for a good climb in Provo. He just bolted a new 5.11 in Rock Canyon and is working on creating some new stuff back there. If you're up there and need a climbing partner, he's always (and I do mean always) ready to go.

It's good to see you're doing well! Oh, and welcome to facebook.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Ryan, great photos! I truly feel inspired by them.

(in replying your comment)

Of course I remember you! And everyone I met on the Wasatch trail. What a great run! It's become my lifetime memory.

Thanks for the offer for the stay. I'm glad we'll meet there again this year. Now, at least, let us see each other in the freshest at the pre-race meeting.